Letter sending API.

Sending a letter with Tauber Logistik is as easy as issuing a curl command and our JSON API is very easy to integrate with:

curl -v \
    -F "file=@9_page2.pdf" \
    -F "api_token=YOUR_TOKEN" \
    -F "recipient_address=Some Street 12B\Some Town\n" \
    -F "recipient_post_code=12312" \
    -F "recipient_name=Klaus Hartmann" \
    -F "recipient_country=DE" \

All you need is a valid API token and you can start sending letters straight away. Mandatory paramaters are the file to be printed, your API token, recipient address and two letter country code.

If a parameter is missing or wrong you will receive a JSON object containing a descriptive error message.

We also offer a Zapier integration.

Any trouble, just contact us and we will be happy to help.

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